Rawburn Makka Pakka R076  x  Rawburn Elegy S377

Rawburn Ernan W110

(Quelle: Rawburn)

No bull has had more impact on the Rawburn herd and bred more high Index cattle in the UK than Rawburn Makka Pakka.  Although he has Sired many exceptional sons, we had never bred one that we thought could supersede his achievements, until now.

From a young age we recognised Ernan as very special.

Ernan’s Dam is a daughter of Rawburn Boss Hogg. Her breeding record is exemplary having calved in the first cycle every year and with her 4 calves averaging 3Kg less at birth than the herd average. All of her calves to date have weaned off in the top 10% of the herd and account for her amazing milk EBV of 32.  His Dam is a maternal masterclass.

Rawburn Ernan is one of the most visually impressive bulls we have ever bred. He displays great width and correctness and has a wonderful temperament. His EBV’s are well earned, and some of the most impressive in the UK herdbook.

We have no doubt that, like his Sire, he will become one of the most influential bulls in the breed.

Text: Rawburn